The quality and the excellence of the Italian wine. The passion and devotion for the care of its grapes. The tribute to the tradition. This is my project. This is my dream.

Vine variety : Susumaniello 100%
Bottle produced : 3,152
Alcoholic proof : 12,50 vol
Production area : Noci (BA) - South Italy
Certification : ICEA biologic
Service suggestions : 10°C, medium tulip glass

Hard Work - Big Dividends

"No thing more excellent nor more valuable than wine was ever granted mankind by God." [Plato, 400 BC]

Flora's passion and hard work make possible to realize an high-quality product such as ours "Tre Tomoli". We work hard to keep our wine simple and genuine.

Awards and Achievements

How the experts and conoisseurs of our territory judged our wine.

What connect our passion to our land.

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    3rd National Enological Competition "VINI ROSATI D'ITALIA"

    1st place, Gold Medal, IGT wines category

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    2nd Award "VINO E'…MUSICA - 2014" - Grottaglie (TA)

    1st place from popolar panel, category "Wine for dinner"

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    4th Award "VINO E'…MUSICA - 2016" – Grottaglie -TA

    1st place technical panel and 3rd place from popolar panel, category "Wine for dinner"

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    The name of the wine is a tribute to her grandparents, proud to be able to buy a large expanse of land of exactly three “tomoli” during a period of economic scarcity

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    The “Tomolo” is an ancient agrarian measure that in this area of Apulia corresponds to about 0.8 hectares.

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    A small batch of red wine, always from the Susumaniello grape, is currently aging and will be bottled in the next months.

"Il vino alla vista si presenta brillante, di un rosa avvolgente, per aprirsi poi al naso con un seducente bouquet molto fresco, di piccoli frutti rossi, fragoline di bosco e ribes poco maturo, con sottili e gentili note di lampone. Non mancano importanti e fini note floreali, di rosa canina e zinnea, affatto banali."

Luigina Simonetti - Vinoway

Colore rosa delicato, profumo di piccoli frutti rossi e fiori. Sapore fruttato e resistente. Di grande sapidità.

Newspaper - Nuovo Quotidiano di Puglia

The Vignaflora 2015 Susumaniello Tre Tomoli Rosa is my favorite new discovery in Puglia this year. The wine is simply irresistible and invites glass after glass. Its generous charm comes on many fronts. The wine is absolutely visibly appealing thanks to its bright pink color and brilliant ruby highlights. The darker color saturation with slightly purple overtones is very characteristic of Puglia's Susumaniello grape. The bouquet is super clean and zesty with generous doses of pink rose, cranberry and wild strawberry. The wine finishes on a beautifully fine and crisp note with bright acidity to keep the palate revived, yet it also shows the firmness and natural structure of a warm climate wine. This is an Italian Rosato superstar.

Monica Larner - robertparker.com


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